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Traffic Violations Lawyers in Clarkson, NY

Clarkson Town Court

If you were given a traffic ticket for a violation in Clarkson or in any of the surrounding areas of Upstate New York, you may be required to appear before the judge in the Town Court. Contact the LaDuca Law Firm today for more information regarding your ticket, and to find out if a court appearance is required for your specific violation. The Town Court is located at:

Clarkson Town Court:
Street Address:
3655 Lake Road, Clarkson, NY 14430
Mailing Address: PO Box 803, 3655 Lake Road, Clarkson, NY 14430
Phone: (585) 637-1134
Fax: (585) 637-1140
Website: http://clarksonny.org/
Judges: Judge Allyn S. Hammel and Judge Christopher T. Wilcox
Prosecutors: Monroe County District Attorney’s Office, Local Courts Bureau
Hours of Operation: Monday nights; call clerk for times; office hours M-Th 8-4; Friday 8-1
Types Of Cases: Traffic violations, DUI cases, misdemeanors and other petty crimes

About Our Firm:

If you or a loved one are facing a traffic violation in Clarkson or in one of the surrounding areas of Upstate New York, you might consider hiring an experienced attorney from the LaDuca Law Firm to assist you with all of your traffic law needs. With over 60 years of combined experience, we have the expertise and superior reputation amongst our peers, including prosecutors and judges, to secure the most favorable outcome for each and every case that we take on. Don’t let a traffic violation negatively impact your life and livelihood, contact an esteemed attorney from the LaDuca Law Firm in order to avoid the worst of serious penalties, such as points and hefty fines.

Don’t hesitate! Contact the LaDuca Law Firm today to speak to one of our qualified attorneys for a free case evaluation. Our clients can rest easier knowing that we will fight to have their charges downgraded whenever possible and to help avoid serious penalties associated with New York traffic violations.

The LaDuca Law Firm Can Assist Clients Charged With:

Driving while possessing drugs
•Commercial driver license violations
Improper passing
•Driving with a Suspended or Revoked License
•Driving without a License or Insurance
•High-Speed Tickets
Cell Phone Tickets
•Commercial Drivers Licenses
Other Traffic Violations

What Happens in Clarkson, NY Traffic Court?

According to the Administrative Rules of the New York Unified Court System, the mission of the Courts is to appropriately serve the public by upholding the rule of law over U.S. citizens through means of seeking fair and timely resolutions for all matters brought before the courts. Because the structure of the New York State Court System can seem quite complex, it would be in the best interests of those facing traffic charges to hire a qualified attorney to defend their rights. The County Court is authorized to handle the prosecution of all crimes committed within the county. It has exclusive authority to handle misdemeanor cases, which are offenses punishable by less than one year in prison, and they specifically handle all major and minor traffic charges.
If you are issued a ticket for a moving traffic violation in Clarkson or in one of the surrounding areas of Upstate New York, it will be handled by a New York State Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) Traffic Violations Bureau (TVB). If you plan to plead “not guilty” to your traffic ticket, your case will then be heard by a DMV Administrative Law Judge. The Administrative Law Judge is responsible for supervising the operation of the state’s trial courts. If your case requires you to make an appearance before the Judge, you will need an experienced attorney from The LaDuca Law Firm to represent you in your efforts and in your legal defense. We have the knowledge and experience to effectively handle all aspects of Vehicle and Traffic Violation Law.

An Administrative Law Judge has the authority to:

•Revoke or suspend your driver’s license
•Set a fine – if you are found guilty
•Revoke or suspend auto registration
•Decide whether or not you are guilty

In order to avoid falling victim to the authority of an Administrative Law Judge, contact our NY offices today to find out how one of our qualified attorneys can successfully defend you against your traffic violation.

Contact a Proficient Clarkson, New York Speeding Ticket Lawyer

The qualified attorneys at The LaDuca Law Firm pride themselves on being able to provide the kind of specialized attention that our clients need and deserve. Which is why our skillful attorneys have been practicing for more than 60 years combined, defending clients against various traffic violation cases in Clarkson and the surrounding areas of Upstate New York. We recognize that it is the direct result of our satisfied clients that truly set us apart, and it is their positive experiences with our firm which make us an excellent choice in your traffic ticket defense. Contact us now for your free case evaluation, and to discover more about our firm and how we may be able to help you to beat the traffic charges against you.

About The Clarkson, NY Area:

Located between Rochester and Buffalo, Clarkson offers small town living but residents still get to enjoy access to the larger cities as well. Clarkson is located just north of The College at Brockport, State University of New York.

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